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Welcome to Mother Natures Preschool Inc.

Our Childcare Philosophy

Mother Nature’s Preschool is based on the “Learning Through Play” philosophy. We believe children “Learn by Doing”. In a warm and nurturing environment, the children have the opportunity to explore, examine, ask questions, interact socially with other children and have fun.

The program represents the interests of the child: social, emotional, creative, cognitive, physical, and language. Each of these areas is developed at the individual child’s own rate and developmental level. Realistic expectations are set with the aim of developing self discipline and the understanding of safety and respect for others. As well, cultural diversity is respected. It is a significant part of our school and is in all areas of our program.

We believe the Early Childhood Professional’s role is to provide support and encouragement by setting up enriched, safe, and stimulating environment to maximize the potential of each child. In addition, our priority is to provide a stable foundation for children, as well as a support system for families. “Teachable moments” take place frequently and the children are given choices to gain a sense of independence. Creative self-expression and growth through play are valued.

Mother Natures Preschool Inc.

Elm Street
1001 Elm St. S.E.
Medicine Hat, AB
Tel: 403.528.8892

Ross Glen
#36 Ross Glen Rd.
Medicine Hat, AB
Tel: 403-528-1443

Hours of Operation
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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